About Us

We love real estate. Interesting real estate. The unique, out of the way, the unusual.

We're in Washington and Hawaii. And would like to be in other West Coast states too. (And BC!)

  • Inns, Resorts and other Lodging.
  • Modest Sized Multi Unit Residential.
  • Out of the ordinary Retail.
  • Out of the way Commercial.
  • New or needing care.
  • Small or Bigger,

All may wet our whistle. So - if you have property to sell please call us quickly. 206-457-3919. Ronald Lee.

We are easy to sell to. It is best to call, mail or email us with basic information. We'll respond with a preliminary yes or no. Onsite visits come next, followed by preliminary due-diligence and hopefully an offer.

DETAILS: We work to post all information to this website and other websites that fits with the goal of those websites. By submitting information you are authorizing the publisher to include your data which may be edited as Publisher deems necessary. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for response.Not all submissions will be included and generally notification will not be sent indicating acceptance or refusal. Once submitted requests for deletion can not be honored.