Careful, Creative Real Estate Investors

Over time, real estate has been a desirable place to invest. Adding new ideas and uses increases profit. While the current economy has been challenging, there may be more opportunities now than ever before.

Willapa is not a brokerage firm. Instead, we look for small properties that would benefit from attentive management, cosmetic upgrades and creative marketing. If you own or represent real estate that is looking for a resourceful new owner, please give us a call. Here are the things we are searching for:

  • Small Inns, Resorts & specialty hotels.
  • Modest mixed use buildings in recreational areas.
  • Apartment buildings with us to 24 units.
  • Located primary in Washington, Oregon, Idaho & Montana & British Columbia.
  • Additional interest in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.
  • Properties that benefit from tight management.
  • Those that are attractively priced.
  • That are turn-around candidates.
  • Or offer seller financing

We are easy to sell to. It is best to call, mail or email us with basic information. We'll respond with a preliminary yes or no. Onsite visits come next, followed by preliminary due-diligence and hopefully an offer.